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Helping you get clarity on what your body needs
to feel better.

Through nutrition, mindfulness & energy healing


Whether you're looking to reduce stress, learn about the mind+gut connection, or delve into your health, these offerings provide a personalized and informative approach to support you in the way that feels most aligned for you at this time.

Cooking Eggs

1:1 Nutrition Counselling

Get direct support on your health through holistic nutrition counselling. Gain insight into your current health status and learn how to support your body through nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. 

Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Release stress, find your centre, and come back to yourself through energy healing. This in-person offering is an excellent form of self-care that will leave your mind, body and soul feeling rejuvenated. 


Workshops & Gatherings

Let's learn together! Whether you're looking to support your personal health and wellbeing, or organize a corporate workshop for your staff, these workshops will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to get started.


Does this sound familiar?

You're tired of feeling lost and confused about your health, you've tried different diets, supplements, and googled just about everything under the sun, but you're still experiencing symptoms and don't know what to do to resolve them. You're fed up with your body and don't understand why it can't just be 'healthy' despite all your best efforts. 

How it Works

How It Works

If you're interested in working together as a 1:1 nutrition client to get the support you need to address your health and start feeling better follow the steps below.

Book a Free Discovery Call

This call gives us an opportunity to connect, go over any questions you have, and discuss what you're looking to accomplish together.

Choose a Package

Choose which nutrition package is best for you based on your needs, budget and ideal timeframe

Book Your Sessions

Together we'll book in your package sessions to get started on your nutrition journey

Herbal Medicine

What clients say:

"I had the best experience working with Mianda! I came into her Renew program looking support in building a better relationship to food and understanding how food can help support my overall health. When I started I was intimidated because I thought I was going to eliminate and restrict a lot of foods from my diet. But my experience was exactly the opposite. I felt supported and empowered the whole way through. Mianda is extremely knowledgable and is all about making nutrition feel like it can be a sustainable part of your lifestyle."


Get in Touch

Offerings are provided both locally and internationally, connect to learn more.

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