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My Story

Hello! My name is Mianda and I am a Holistic Wellness Practitioner who supports others in their healing and wellness journeys. As a trained Reiki practitioner, Mindfulness & Meditation teacher and soon to be Holistic Nutritionist, I look at what needs healing in the mind-body-soul to help people live a thriving life. 


As a child, I was lucky enough to be raised with the influence of alternative medicine and nutrition alongside our traditional medical care. If we got sick my mom would give us echinacea or oil of oregano, and would take us to homeopaths and chiropractors for underlying or long term issues. This gave me an appreciation for the complexity of the body and the symptoms it uses to communicate with us, and the power of nature's remedies alongside pharmaceutical ones, to resolve these symptoms. 


It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties when the connection between the mind, body and spirit really took shape for me though. As many twenty-somethings I was going through a period of feeling lost, confused and stuck. I was working in a toxic retail job after finishing my undergraduate degree in something that I no longer wanted to be a part of, and was living in a new city away from my friends, family and community. During this time I had also developed chronic acid reflux, which got so bad I went to my doctor in fear of developing ulcers. She confirmed for me that I had GERD, and without an explanation of what that was, what caused it or how to treat the cause of it, she gave me some pills and told me to come back in a month. When I asked about recommendations on how to change my diet or lifestyle instead of taking the pills, she dismissed me and said to take the pills first and we could think about that later. So I went home to do my own research but quickly felt lost with all of the information and unsure of what applied to me. After a month of taking the pills I returned to my doctor to inform her that my condition only felt worse, so she doubled my dose and sent me home again. I continued with the medication, which would subdue the burning of my acid reflux for the eight hours it lasted until the medication would wear off and then the burning would come back with a vengeance until I popped another pill to numb it again. 


It was around this time that I decided to reach out to a Reiki Practitioner. I had heard about Reiki long ago and knew little about it other than that it was a form of energy healing that could maybe help me with the feelings of despair and negativity from my workplace that were starting to weigh on me. During my first Reiki session I cried uncontrollably. I didn’t realise how much I was holding onto and needed to let go of, memories from my past came up, things that I regretted, hurts I never healed from, things I was too afraid to face on my own. I left feeling like a wave had crashed over me, washing away all of my hurt and negativity, leaving me refreshed and hopeful. 


To my complete surprise, I woke up the next day with no sign of my acid reflux, which would usually have me feeling like my throat was on fire by morning. And I haven’t taken an ant-acid since. 


This is when I truly realised the connection between our mind, body, and soul. When I realized the impact that our environments, relationships, thoughts and emotions can have on our physical bodies. I began picking up every book I could find on the mind-body connect and holistic health, I started listening to podcasts and reading articles, and it all made SO MUCH SENSE! I started learning about the impacts of stress on the body, my female hormone cycles, and the impact nutrition and lifestyle changes can have on disease. I started making major shifts in my life and worked hard to better understand my body, mind and soul and how interconnected they are. And I became passionate about sharing what I learned with others so that they could empower themselves to live a healthier happier life too. 


I’ve now made it my career to help people live a thriving life. My philosophy is not to hand people some supplements and recommendations and send them on their way. My goal is to support people to take ownership of their health and their lives, to give them the tools and knowledge they need to thrive from the inside out.


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