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Interested in hosting a Wellness Workshop for an event or workplace? These workshops are entirely customizable to your audience. Choose a theme and optional add-ons like a guided meditation and vision boarding session.

Choose Your Theme

Depending on the needs and interest of your audience you can choose a workshop theme that suits them best. Common themes include: The Mind+Gut Connection, Understanding and Reducing Stress, Detoxification, Holistic Health, Living in Sync (Female Menstrual Cycles).

Integrative Practices

Optional inclusion of a guided meditation and/or integrative activity such as making personalized essential oil rollers, vision boards, or themed ritual practices.These practices are a great way to help embody and integrate what is taught through the workshop.

Included Resources

A PDF handout will be provided to each participant for each workshop with the information shared, additional resources such as podcast and book recommendations, and at home practices to help continued learning and development.

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Overall I am so grateful to have the information that was provided in Mianda's Detox Your Life Program. I feel much more aware of what I need to avoid and what I need to do reduce the toxins I'm exposed to so I can be healthier. It was nice to have information on both what to avoid and what practices and foods to implement. Mianda was very clear and engaging in the way she presented the information. It wasn't overly complicated and was easy to follow and flowed well.


I had the best experience working with Mianda! I came into her Renew program looking support in building a better relationship to food and understanding how food can help support my overall health. When I started I was intimidated because I thought I was going to eliminate and restrict a lot of foods from my diet. But my experience was exactly the opposite. I felt supported and empowered the whole way through. Mianda is extremely knowledgable and is all about making nutrition feel like it can be a sustainable part of your lifestyle.


"My first experience with Reiki energy work was with Mianda. It was a calm environment, very conducive to just letting go and letting energy flow. Mianda is very professional and empathetic. After the energy work, we sat down to discuss her findings, she was bang on in terms of identifying the energy centres that needed some 'release'. She was able to pick up on things that weren't naturally intuitive. I would definitely see her again as part of my wellness journey. Thank you, Mianda, for broadening my perspective!"

Healthy Food

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