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Hooray! Your Detox Your Life Recipe Guide is ready to download

Your body will be so happy to try all this amazing food!

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Now that you have the recipes to support detoxification, why not learn more about how detoxification works in the body and other ways you can support these systems?

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Join the Detox Your Life Program 

You'll get the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of your body's natural pathways and process of detoxification, how to support them through nutrition, lifestyle practices, and develop more psycho-spiritual awareness to support your health and wellbeing. You'll get weekly handouts with all of the information covered in each session along with additional resources like podcast episodes to listen to, helpful apps, websites to learn more, and people to connect with. You'll also get the opportunity to connect with like minded individuals, ask questions and share your experiences in a supportive environment. 

See what others have to say...

Overall I'm so grateful to have the information that was provided and to be more aware what I need to avoid and what I need to do reduce the toxins I'm exposed to so I can be healthier. It was nice to have information on both what to avoid and what practices and foods to implement. Mianda was very clear and engaging in the way she presented the information. It wasn't overly complicated and was easy to follow and flowed very well.

- Viviane

I really enjoyed the Detox Your Life program. I would like to first give my congratulations to Mianda, she is well spoken very easy to listen to. The terminology was good and I loved the examples that she gave to ensure everyone understood what she was talking about. This was my first experience at detoxing my body and soul, so I really needed to understand what she was talking about. Her explanations were very clear and easy to follow. At the end of each session she provided copies of her presentation and gave us excellent recipes that are very good and tasty. Mianda also made time to take questions and was very thorough with her answers. I would recommend anyone who is interested in staying healthy and giving their body and mind all it needs to live a happy life. ♥️

- Lyne

I'm so happy I joined this program! I wasn't sure what to expect given all of the detox jargon out there but Mianda provided such valuable information that really helped me to actually understand my body better and how to help it. The resources she provided were excellent and I love how I'll be able to continue referring back to them. I also really enjoyed the group aspect and getting to connect with other people in the program by sharing our experiences and asking questions. The last session on the mindfulness and spiritual aspects were really interesting too! Overall a great program and one I would definitely recommend!

- Amy

© 2023 by Well Nurtured - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

© 2023 by Well Nurtured - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

© 2023 by Well Nurtured - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

© 2023 by Well Nurtured - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

© 2023 by Well Nurtured - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

© 2023 by Well Nurtured - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

© 2023 by Well Nurtured - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Hugging a Pillow


You suffer from skin issues like rashes and eczema 

You have a sensitivity to caffeine

You have brain fog, trouble concentrating, and poor memory 

You have PMS issues or estrogen dominance

You don't 'go' as regularly as you should (at least once a day!)

You feel drained, overwhelmed, and emotionally exhausted 

You're becoming increasingly more sensitive to smells, products, and foods 


  • Four virtual group sessions via zoom to learn all about detoxification and holistic ways to support your body's natural detoxification processes 

  • The opportunity to ask questions and connect with like minded individuals about your health 

  • Weekly handouts with additional resources like podcast episodes, product recommendations, and all the details you'll need to make sustainable changes 

  • My favourite Detox Your Life recipes that will help support detoxification in your body 

  • A chance to win a special draw prize to support your personal detoxification 

  • And if you decide you need more support and want to work one on one to address your specific health needs you'll get 20% off my 1:1 nutrition packages

Session 1

Why We Need Detoxification Support 

Sources of Toxins


Signs & Symptoms of Toxic Overload


Benefits of Detoxification

Session 3

Lifestyle Approaches to Reduce Exposure 


Practices to Support Detoxification 


Detoxing Your Space

Session 2

What is Detoxification

Organs & Pathways of Detoxification 


Nutrients to Support Detoxification 

Session 4

Detoxing Your Mind


How Toxicity Effects the Auric Body

Energetic Practices for Detoxification


Energy Clearing Meditation 

Join the Detox Your Life Program 

To feel lighter, brighter and more vibrantly you

© 2023 by Well Nurtured - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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