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To feel lighter, brighter and more vibrantly you

Detox has become a fad and a trend throughout the health and wellness world but the truth is that quick fixes and juice cleanses aren't the way to support our body's natural detoxification processes, which sadly are in desperate need of help. 


In the Detox Your Life Program we’ll take a holistic approach to detoxification that will encompass the mind, body and spirit. Through this group program you will learn about why it’s so important to support our body's detoxification processes, how they work, and what nutrients you can begin to incorporate into your every day to support them. You’ll also learn about mindfulness practices, lifestyle changes and spiritual approaches to help detox your life because when it comes to detoxification it's just as important to clear the mind as it is to clear the body.

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Hi! My name is Mianda and I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist that's passionate about supporting you to live a happier healthier life. When it comes to detoxification I am amazed by our body's natural ability to detoxify itself and the impressive system of organs and pathways that enable it to process and remove toxins from our body. But I also know that with the rapid development and industrialization of our society, we're now exposed to an overwhelming amount of toxins each and everyday. 


On top of this, because of our current industrialized agricultural practices, our food and the soils they’re grown in have become devoid of the nutrients they once provided. Our diets are also filled with processed foods that contain a multitude of preservatives, chemicals and unnatural additives that put our bodies at a disadvantage.

This isn’t meant to induce fear, but it is meant to be a reality check of how important it is to be conscious of the toxins we’re exposed to and why supporting our body’s detoxification systems is so important. 


  • Sources of toxicity in your life and how to reduce your exposure 

  • Sign and symptoms of toxicity and what they mean

  • Your organs and pathways of elimination - AKA your body's natural detoxification mechanisms 

  • Specific nutrients, supplements and herbs to support them 

  • Lifestyle approaches and practices to optimize detoxification 

  • Mindfulness and interpersonal strategies to set boundaries, cut out negative self talk and clear mental and emotional toxicity 

  • Energetic practices to cleanse your auric field and tend to your energy body 

Hugging a Pillow


You suffer from skin issues like rashes and eczema 

You have a sensitivity to caffeine

You have brain fog, trouble concentrating, and poor memory 

You have PMS issues or estrogen dominance

You don't 'go' as regularly as you should (at least once a day!)

You feel drained, overwhelmed, and emotionally exhausted 

You're becoming increasingly more sensitive to smells, products, and foods 


  • Four virtual group sessions via zoom to learn all about detoxification and holistic ways to support your body's natural detoxification processes 

  • The opportunity to ask questions and connect with like minded individuals about your health 

  • Weekly handouts with additional resources like podcast episodes, product recommendations, and all the details you'll need to make sustainable changes 

  • My favourite Detox Your Life recipes that will help support detoxification in your body 

  • A chance to win a special draw prize to support your personal detoxification 

  • And if you decide you need more support and want to work one on one to address your specific health needs you'll get 20% off my 1:1 nutrition packages

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Session Details: 

  • Four sessions 

  • Mondays 7pm EST

  • 1-2hrs in length 

  • Via Zoom 

Session Dates: 

  • January 23rd 

  • January 30th 

  • February 6th 

  • February 13th 

* Session recordings will be made available if you are unable to attend a session

Cost: $246 


* Due upon registration, payment plans available upon request - email

Session 1

Why We Need Detoxification Support 

Sources of Toxins


Signs & Symptoms of Toxic Overload


Benefits of Detoxification

Session 3

Lifestyle Approaches to Reduce Exposure 


Practices to Support Detoxification 


Detoxing Your Space

Session 2

What is Detoxification

Organs & Pathways of Detoxification 


Nutrients to Support Detoxification 

Session 4

Detoxing Your Mind


How Toxicity Effects the Auric Body

Energetic Practices for Detoxification


Energy Clearing Meditation 

See what others have to say

Mianda's approach to holistic health is passionate, gentle and massively informative. She listens to you thoroughly before putting together a plan for your health and body's needs, and doesn't overwhelm you. I find this approach very helpful as I have tried many ways to adjust my health and eating yet nothing else seemed to work. Mianda's caring attention and approach in the care she provides has been something I highly value, especially with todays very busy healthcare system. The insight, information and tools she has given me have stuck with me and been so helpful. My health has improved significantly. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about improving their mental, emotional, physical or spiritual health to work with Mianda (Well Nurtured). I am grateful to have found someone that truly looks at my health holistically and thoroughly. 

- C. Max

I came to Mianda not exactly knowing where to start; but knowing without a doubt that I needed help with my health. For me, it had nothing to do with weight loss or dieting, but about feeling completely depleted of energy every day. I have a mental illness and just always chalked it up to my depression & anxiety. But after implementing some of Mianda's recommendations, I started feeling like "myself" again. I had energy, I felt better about myself, I felt supported and listened too, and I felt like all her suggestions were sustainable. I've done dieting and have a poor relationship with food because of it. With Mianda, she really shone a light on what nutrition should actually look like and how a holistic approach is not about dieting but more about just choosing things that are suited for your body & lifestyle. I cannot recommend this program enough!! Thank you Mianda! You trully have a gift.

- Stefany

"My first experience with Reiki energy work was with Mianda. It was a calm environment, very conducive to just letting go and letting energy flow. Mianda is very professional and empathetic. After the energy work, we sat down to discuss her findings, she was bang on in terms of identifying the energy centres that needed some 'release'. She was able to pick up on things that weren't naturally intuitive. I would definitely see her again as part of my wellness journey. Thank you, Mianda, for broadening my perspective!"

- Nadine

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