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Energy is all around us and all things are made of energy. Every thought, emotion, sound and movement. When we experience trauma in our lives, whether it's an experience, words, or feelings, that we aren't quite able to process, the energy from those experiences becomes stuck within us. Unable to be released the stuck energy builds tension and stagnation in the body and leads to dis-ease. This can be experienced as emotional extremes, physical pain, or dysfunction in our bodily systems. Energy work helps your body release trapped energy so it can be processed and allow for healing to occur.

My energy healing practice is based in Reiki and has evolved to encompass a more intuitive and integrated approach. Unlike traditional Reiki which involves a structured series of hand placements, I allow the energy of your body to guide me, focussing on each energy centre and allowing my intuitive abilities to lead the healing process. At the end of each session I provide clients with insights gathered from the healing process including which energy centres needed the most attention, recommendations for how to continue the healing process, and any intuitive messages that came through during the session. An optional card pull at the end of the session is also offered for additional guidance and clarity.

Reiki Treatment

Energy Healing

Distance Energy Healing | 1hr | $65

As a form of universal life force energy, Reiki is not bound by space or time and therefore can be sent across any distance to any point in time. Enjoy this form of energetic healing from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you choose. This treatment will involve a brief consultation, followed by the healing session and will end with the sharing of any insights received and recommendations for continued healing.

In Person Energy Healing | 1hr | $111

In person energy healing sessions are held in the comfort of my personal healing space. This cozy space allows for us to connect one-on-one and will involve an initial conversation to go over any questions you may have as well as your intention for the session. During the energy healing session I may also use crystals, essential oils or cleansing smoke (from palo santo or sage) if it is something that you are open to. At the end of the session I will share any insights that came through and may provide additional resources to help support your continued healing process. 


*Please note that energy healing is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Healing in this context refers to an overall improvement in mind, body, and spiritual wellness. Results are not guaranteed or the responsibility of the practitioner. Any benefits experienced are conditional on your own will and dedication to improving your overall wellbeing.