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Milk Bath


Are you looking to freshen things up from this inside out this spring?


If you've been looking to do a cleanse or a detox but want to do it in a holistic way with the proper support to ensure you're supporting your body in the right way then this program is for you! This is an individualized program that will help cleanse and restore your body. As part of this program you will follow my unique cleanse protocol that will include tailored recommendations to accommodate your specific health and dietary preferences. 

What's Included

As part of this program you will receive: 

  • Four week meal plan 

  • Dietary, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations focused on supporting the body's natural detoxification processes 

  • Additional resources to help you further support your body and mind

  • Three 1:1 Sessions 

    • One program overview session where we will go over the cleanse protocol and your recommendations ​

    • One mid-way touch base session to offer support and address any questions or challenges 

    • One closing session to wrap up the program together 


Overall this program is a 6 week commitment, with the initial week to have our program overview session and prepare, four weeks of following the cleanse protocol, and the final week to have our wrap up session. 



Preliminary program overview session


Begin protocol 


follow program protocol


Mid-way check in



Program wrap up 

Spring Cleanse Timeline.png

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone looking to feel refreshed and renewed this spring! It is a gentle but effective detox program that will work with your body's natural detoxification processes. The more committed you are to implementing the recommendations the more impactful the results will be.

What can it help?

Cleansing and restoring our body's has been shown to bring noticeable improvements to ones mental health, mental clarity, skin health, digestion, energy levels, and hormonal systems. This is because when our livers and pathways of elimination are blocked toxins can build up which, taxes our immune system, inhibits cell function, and takes away key nutrients that our bodies need to work properly. 

Investment: $444/person 

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