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Fall Workshop Series

Get back into the swing of things

These interactive and engaging workshops will provide you with a great knowledge base to understand your body better, and give you practical tools and practices to begin improving your health.

Image by Pablo Merchán Montes

Mind Gut Connection

Sept 25th | 7pm EST | Via Google Meet

The mind and gut have a deeply ingrained relationship that influences not only our digestion but our mental health as well. Learn about the interconnectedness of the mind and gut, and how to support them for optimal health and wellbeing.

Image by Katarzyna Grabowska

Living in Sync

Oct 23rd | 7pm EST | Via Google Meet

Learn about the different phases of your female menstrual cycle and how to live in sync with them to balance your hormones and have a stress free period.

Image by Katarzyna Grabowska
Image by Darius Bashar

Mindfulness & Boundaries

Nov 20th | 7pm EST | Via Google Meet

Invite presence and balance into your life. This workshop will help you learn mindfulness and boundaries practices to help reduce stress and create healthier relationships to support your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Attend All Three

Register for all three workshops of the Fall Series for a reduced price.

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