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Holistic Nutrition

a mind, body, spirit perspective on health that gives you the support, knowledge and tools you need to make sustainable improvements for your health 

So often we experience health symptoms, cravings, and discomforts without understanding that this is our body's way of communicating with us that something is off and needs attention. But without knowing what these sensations mean it can leave us feeling frustrated, confused, ashamed and resentful towards our bodies.


My goal is to provide my clients with the knowledge and tools they need to understand their body and work with it to address their health from a root cause approach and to integrate sustainable changes for sustainable long term improvements to their health. 

My approach

Individualized focus

Holistic nutrition is based in a concept of bioindividuality. Which emphasizes that each person is unique and as a result their approach to health needs to be as well. This means there's no one-size fits all solutions, every client receives their own personalized recommendations based on their own personal lived experience and body's needs. 

Steeped in education

It's one thing to be told to do xyz, it's another to learn the language of your body, understand how it works, why you have the symptoms you do, and how your recommendations will benefit you. I believe that when we have the knowledge we need to make better choices, we're more likely to make them. 

Nurturing support

When going through my own health issues all I wanted was someone to help support and guide me through it, but I never got that, so this became a central focus of what I offer my clients. Navigating your health can be confusing and overwhelming, but also incredibly rewarding, as a Holistic Nutritionist I want to be supporting and nurturing them through the entire process. 


Choose your nutrition package

Choose which package suits you best based on your health needs, budget, and timeframe. Not sure which one is best for you? Book a FREE discovery call to connect and we can decide together.

Nutrition Packages

Holistic nutrition can offer support for almost any health ailment. Whether you struggle with PMS and hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, insomnia, mental health, or immune issues, what you eat and your lifestyle choices plays an important role.  My goal with clients is to work together for an extended period and to fully incorporate the ‘holistic’ side of holistic nutrition in order to establish sustainable solutions for their health and wellbeing. With that in mind I’ve put together three package options to choose from depending on your needs and what you’re looking for.

ready to finally get the support you need?

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What clients say

"My first experience with Reiki energy work was with Mianda. It was a calm environment, very conducive to just letting go and letting energy flow. Mianda is very professional and empathetic. After the energy work, we sat down to discuss her findings, she was bang on in terms of identifying the energy centres that needed some 'release'. She was able to pick up on things that weren't naturally intuitive. I would definitely see her again as part of my wellness journey. Thank you, Mianda, for broadening my perspective!"


I get it, there's a lot to take in. If you have some questions but don't feel ready for a discovery call,

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