Holistic Nutrition Services

Holistic Nutrition is based in the knowledge that all things are interconnected and have a cumulative effect on our health. When we say ‘all things’ we mean the physical, chemical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental aspects of our lives.


Of course there is a specific focus on food and the role that it plays on impeding or amplifying our health from a biochemical lens. Recognizing the impact of processed, chemically exposed, modified, preserved foods. As well as the importance of whole, natural, quality foods and their ability to support our body’s natural healing ability.  


It also looks at the variety of stressors in our life, from the emotional toll of a codependent relationship, the impact of a toxic work environment, childhood traumas, our lack of connection to something greater than ourselves, the environments we live in and what we put on our bodies. Because all of these things have an impact on our health too. And so we recognize that each person has their own unique make-up and needs as a result of their own unique combination of lived experiences. 

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Custom Meal Plans

Personalized to Your Needs and Likes

Would you like to eat healthier but don’t know where to start? Are you overwhelmed by recipe ideas but don’t know how to make a meal out of them? Or are you looking to modify your current staples to boost their nutritional value?


Personalized meal plans provide you with the boost that you're looking for in your daily meal roster. It will be completely tailored to your needs, whether that's just a few new breakfast choices to get you through your morning or a full weeks menu of unique breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options! It will also meet your health goals, any food limitations and of course your taste preferences. 

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Follow Up Meal Plan Consultation

Holistic Nutrition Consultations

Coming Soon!

I will begin taking on Holistic Nutrition clients in Fall 2022, if this is something you're interested in please complete the contact for below to and I will be in touch once this service becomes available.

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